A Future with Hope

A favorite photo of my mother-in-law who died on Mar 6, 1999.


… Jesus uttered a loud cry and breathed his last. Mark 15:37



The anniversary of my mother-in-law’s death was this past week on March 6. She was a wonderful mother, mother-in-law and grandma. We loved her dearly.

When she was dying from liver cancer, it grieved us to see her in pain. At her death we were sad but glad that her suffering was ended and she was living in the glorious presence of our Lord.


Jesus’ death would also have been painful to watch. Hanging on the cross as a

dead weight meant He could hardly breathe. Unable to move and deprived of oxygen, His muscles would have contracted in wrenching spasms until He died of heart failure or suffocation. Those who loved Him and were present at His death must have been relieved to see Jesus no longer in agony.

During our lifetimes, each of us will probably participate in a loved one’s journey from life to death. If he isn’t a believer, we need to pray that he may come to know Jesus as Lord. If the loved one is a Christian, we can rest in the hope that, though this life is filled with sadness, pain, and fear, the next life will be filled with hope, courage and joy!

Prayer:  God, You know how much it hurts to lose a loved one in death. Even though we rest in the assurance that we’ll see that person again someday in Heaven, it still hurts. Comfort us at these times, Lord, and give us courage to face the days ahead. Amen

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