Happy Father’s Day to my husband!

Swimming with Chris and Mandy in 2006.

I constantly remind my kids to appreciate their dad. If not for him, they would have to hire someone to help them with FAFSA’s, chauffeur us to visit them, and find someone to keep track of me. With my head in the clouds much of the time with my writing he’s learned to adapt in the kitchen and laundry room.


We all love him for the Christian man he is and his commitment to us. Happy Father’s Day, John!


Last time we’ve been together –taken in 2010 at Ft Wayne airport.



We celebrated with him as he retired from Air National Guard in 2005.



John always gets me flowers for holidays. Sweet!

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  1. This is precious! Kay, you are such an inspiration. Love your family – you both have done a wonderful job in raising such wonderful children.

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