Are you a spoon, fork or knife?

A volunteer at Colony Heights Church of Christ in Fort Wayne IN helps students with back to school skills.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Acts 20: 35


My seven-year-old daughter, Lindsay, helped me set the table. “I’m glad I’m not a fork,” she suddenly announced.

‘What’s wrong with forks?” I asked.

“Forks like to stab things, trying to get everything for themselves. It’s like they say, ‘Gimme, gimme’ all the time.”

I held up a knife. “What about these?”

Lindsay shook her head. “Too bossy. Knives always want to change things to fit themselves.”

Volunteers from Colony Heights Church of Christ prepare meals for students at tutoring camp.

“But spoons are like your friends,” she said, cradling one in her palm. “They seem to say, ‘Here, let me help you.’”

What utensil would people use to describe you in your service to God?

Lord God, it is tempting to take when we should give. Help us to always see the blessing in giving to others.

The End

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