A workshop for writers at International Conference on Missions

These books contain stories written by Kayleen Reusser.

This Saturday I’ll be leading a workshop, “Writing to Praise”, at 3:00, room 240, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis as part of the International Conference on Missions.

There is a cost  of $15 to attend the weekend-long conference, but every workshop is free. Everyone is welcome!

Children’s books written by Kayleen Reusser.

I’m anxious to interest others in writing for God!

Please pray my words meet needs of those interested in fulfilling this gift of service to Him.


Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “A workshop for writers at International Conference on Missions

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  1. Dear Kayleen, I wish I could’ve gone to this workshop as well as the convention. Could you by any chance e-mail me the notes from it? So far, God has let me complete three screenplays, 300 poems, and one non-fiction book. I started writing a second non-fiction book in September and hope to have it completely finished before my birthday in June. I also have eight other screenplay ideas and two more non-fiction book ideas. I thank God every day for this gift. I gave my friend Sherri my latest screenplay to break it up into chapters like she did with my previous one. It’s more spiritual than the last one. Could I ask you to pray along with me that she will read it and be willing to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior?
    Mandy Suhre

    1. Mandy: Thanks for your comments! I wish you could have been at the conference too. It was interesting and I met many friends from the past and made some new ones. I will look for your email address and send you the notes. If you have questions, Lmk. Take care,

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