Restoration by God Is Possible—and Awesome!


Photo by Dave Reusser


“So He brought him back to Jerusalem …”  

— II Chron. 33:12 (NIV)


            As a teenager, Frank rebelled against family rules, smoked, drank, and rarely attended church. Then someone dared Frank to go on a European missions trip. Thinking it would be neat to visit another country, Frank went. Through Polish Christians, Frank became a Christian.

Today, Frank is married to a Christian woman and they serve as missionaries in France. “I never dreamed my life could be so good,” he said recently while on furlough.

Like Frank, Manasseh possessed a rebellious streak. But God didn’t turn His back on Manasseh. Upon being captured, Manasseh humbled himself before God and was reunited with Him. God forgave Manasseh, took him back to his city and to his kingdom. Then, the Bible says, Manasseh knew that the Lord is God. (13)

When we call on the name of the Lord, God wipes our slate clean. Not only that, he blesses us with more than we can imagine. There’s nothing to say to such love and graciousness, except – Wow!

The End





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