Pastor Lenny Stringer Preaches While Working Full-Time

Pastor Lenny Stringer ministers full time while working  as an Information Technology tech.
Pastor Lenny Springer ministers full time while working as an Information Technology tech.

“This church has a big heart to see people come to know Christ,” said Lenny Stringer, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Bluffton. “As a congregation, we want to care for people and build them as believers in God.”

Stringer grew up in Seville, Ohio, near Cleveland. With training at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, he has pastored at Fellowship Baptist Church since its beginnings in 1996. He also works full time as a technician at Adams Wells Internet Telecom TV in Craigville. “I fell into my computer training,” he said. “The Lord provided it for income and to meet our family’s needs.”

He and his wife Lorri have three children.

Currently, Fellowship Baptist Church’s 50 members meet for Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. During the week, there are additional meetings for women, men, and youth.

“We are a New Testament church that is Baptist by denomination,” said Stringer. “Our music is a conservative blend of traditional hymns and choruses.”

One aspect of the worship service Stringer is proud of is the integration of the church’s youth in serving. “Visitors are always impressed with how our young men help with the offering and our high school girls play the piano,” he said. “It is an exciting part of our ministry to train people at an early age to serve in the church.”

The church’s attractive website describes the various missions the church supports, including the local ministry to women called A Friend’s House and some in Africa.

Preaching, discipling, training—according to Stringer, they are all important parts of the church’s job. “The Bible says we are to edify and admonish when needed and to be a loving congregation,” he said. “We try to be faithful in preaching and grow people in Christ so they care for him and each other.”

Fellowship Baptist Church
210 W. Townley Street
Bluffton IN

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