Father’s Day Tribute to Dad — Wear Blinders to Serve God

It's no wonder I love horses--Dad had my sister and me on one at an early age.
It’s no wonder I love horses–Dad had my sister and me on one at an early age.

Josh 24:15: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Dad taught me many great things like the value of hard work, creativity, honesty and loving people. He also taught me to love horses. I recently came across this photo taken as a slide of my sister and me as toddlers. Mom no doubt held the camera. She must have trusted Dad had trained the horse not to buck!

This devo is in honor of my dad who, though he died in 2005, is still teaching me from the good memories I have of him and our happy lives together. Miss you, Dad.

When I was a girl, my dad showed me how to hitch up our pony, Starlight, to our buggy. I loved horses so this was a treat. The first part of the harness, the bridle, slipped over Starlight’s head. The bit was shoved into her mouth. The bit offered control of Starlight and would tell her where I wanted her to go. Next came the blinders. These leather squares placed alongside her eyes looked cruel. Dad explained the blinders protected Starlight. “She won’t see things moving around her so she can keep her mind on what’s in front of her,” he said. “That keeps her from getting frightened and possibly hurting herself and you and your riders.”

The Israelite leader, Joshua, wore blinders when it came to serving God. Joshua’s family never doubted what came first with Joshua. If it was against God’s statues, his family would not do it. Making a daily choice to follow God blinds us to temptations, doubts, and selfish concerns. Our values will be clear and not prone to distraction. Put on your blinders of faithfulness to ensure your commitment to God.

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