Share with Your Preschooler about God’s Love

Why I Praise You God by Michelle Medlock Adams
Why I Praise You God by Michelle Medlock Adams

Play: Assemble these objects—feather; cork; penny; stick; metal paper clip; bowl ¾ full of water.

Talk: Look at these items and tell me which ones you think will sink or float in the water. (After child shares guesses, have child place each item one at a time into the bowl). Some items sink (stick, penny, paper clip) while others (feather, cork) float. God created every person uniquely.

In Ephesians 2:10 we learn that no matter what we look like He has plans for each of us. We can serve God by loving Him, helping others and telling people about God’s love.


For this week’s lesson I recommend a book by Michelle Medlock Adams ( called

Why I Praise You, God (Concordia Publishing House (January 1, 2006). This is a fun board book to reinforce God’s care for each of us. Michelle is a great children’s author and speaker. I learned everything I know about children’s writing from enrolling in her classes.

How do you teach your child about God’s love?


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