Recommended Christian Writing Blog: The Writers View

Celebrities Giving Back by Kayleen Reusser
Celebrities Giving Back by Kayleen Reusser

From time to time I will recommend a blog that I think Christian writers will find help from. The Writers View is one such blog.

I’ve subscribed for several years now and have learned so much. I think it is issued 2x/week and always with pertinent topics for discussion. Here is an excerpt from the current topic and it is one that I contributed to.

Be aware that the topic changes 2x/week. By the time you read this, the forum may be on a different topic.

Subscribers have to be approved but it is a simple process and I’m sure most people are approved!

I highly recommend this blog. I know several of the commenters and recommend their writings.

Let me know what you’re looking for in a Christian writing blog. Do you have a Christian writing blog of your own to share thoughts with?

Thurs-Sat Discussion Topic: Paradox in Writing

Greetings, Viewbies!

Today’s question comes from Tim Riter, Nonfiction Book Panelist.

Paradox pervades the world of faith. “If you save your life you will
lose it.” Or, “By grace you are saved through faith, this is not of your
own doing,” yet we also read, “Faith without works is dead.” Since the
business of Christian publishing exists in the world of faith, how does
paradox touch our writing? What paradoxes have you found? How have you
resolved them, if you have? Can you resolve them? Do you need to? Can a
balance be achieved while being biblically faithful?

Don’t reply to this email. To join the discussion, head over to the TWV blog, hosted at The Bestseller Society:

Here’s the link:

James Pence – Owner / General Market Panelist, TWV
“On one tragic night, Terry Caffey lost everything; in one amazing year, God restored it all.”
Terror by Night, Tyndale, 2009:

My reply:
I market myself and my 11 children’s book through my blog ( and speaking engagements and even appearing in costume as Medusa to hand out Halloween candy (I’ve written 3 Greek gods books).

Hades by Kayleen Reusser
Hades by Kayleen Reusser

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed at the expectations on authors to learn all of the social media and participate in that while also writing and maybe even working a full-time job on the side!

It would be nice to be rich and famous as an author. But I’m content at this point to donate my services to 2 Christian writing clubs I helped start in Bluffton and Fort Wayne Indiana. I feel like God will bring the blessings of being well-known and lots of book sales in His time from helping others.

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