Cover Reveal for New Book about Women of WWII!

‘Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II contains stories of women who served in Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Army Air Corps. It will be available on Amazon on Feb 28.

The ladies deserve their due!

Here is the beautiful cover for my new book: Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II.

This book releases February 28, 2022 on Amazon.

Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II is a compilation of stories from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army Air Corps.

You may ask, why write a book about the women of World War II?

They couldn’t serve in combat so how could their service experiences be exciting enough for a book?

Most branches did not allow women to serve overseas – what interest is there in stories from the home front?

The answer: You’ll find lots of interesting information about home front service – plus some of these women did serve overseas!

Here are some examples of what the women in ‘Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of World War II‘ did for the USA:

  • Worked with top-secret information.
  • Decoded messages sent from around the world.
  • Handled administrative work, allowing men who had held those positions to go overseas.
  • Nursed wounded soldiers
  • Flew military aircraft

You may recognize some of these same women from my World War II Legacies 4-book series.

Those were great stories full of information that introduced amazing women to you as readers.

But after the books were published, more resources became available that I found interesting and thought readers would as well – letters, memoirs, recorded interviews. It felt like the women deserved an additional look with a title dedicated just to them.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Mary Anna Martin ‘Marty’ Wyall to her family during her training as a WASP:

Marty Wyall’s story of serving as a WASP during WWII is in Kayleen Reusser’s book, ‘Born To Be Soldiers: Those Plucky Women of WWII’ to be released Feb 28

Tuesday, June 13, 1944

My instructor is a good guy! Today I think he thought he had a cadet in the cockpit — he was really shouting the orders to me. He said we girls are just as apt as cadets and he hasn’t changed his mode of teaching to any degree. I did my 1st spin Monday and it is so much more fun than I expected…


These intimate, detailed stories give an inside look at what it was like for each woman as she served her country while battling prejudice, limitations imposed on them, both by society and families, homesickness, worry, ill health, and challenges to their personal lives.

How they chose to persevere in the name of patriotism is inspiring!

Put it on your calendar to watch for this book’s release on February 28th!

But I need a favor.

I believe so much in this book that I’m asking for help in telling people about it. The more people talk about it to librarians, friends, book clubs, online groups, the more people will hear about these ladies who helped to preserve freedom in America and around the world.

Would you be willing to be part of my Street Team and help spread the word about it so more people will find this title?

If you’d like to learn more about my Street Team, please contact me at

It won’t cost you anything but 1-2 hours.

If you believe in the value of what female veterans have done for our country, please join me in telling others.

An online book launch with giveaways and a special guest will take place later this month. Stay tuned!


Learn more about the women in the book at my ‘Women of World War II’ talk at the Fort Wayne History Center, Sunday, March 6, 2022. It is free and signed copies should be available for purchase.

I’m available for in-person and virtual talks on this and other topics. Check out my Speaking page for details.

Thank a veteran today for her service!

PS: Rob Williams has once again done a splendid job with this book cover. If you head over to his site, let him know I recommended him. He’s done the covers of all 10 of my World War II books.

2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for New Book about Women of WWII!

Add yours

  1. Hello Kayleen:

    Ten years ago or so I was part of your writing group at a library on the south end of Fort Wayne. I have remained on your mailing list since that time , cheering you on in your work. I am sorry we shall be out of town the date of your History Center talk. You are really entertaining and I would have enjoyed participating. Wait. Is it going to be on Zoom? I have watched several of the Mather lectures in that manner over the past year. I’ll put it on my list of things to check today. Anyway, to the point, I am writing an epistolary novel set in the time of the Korean War. I know WWII is your niche, but I am contacting you in hopes you might know of someone I could have a conversation with about that time and place, about mail service in the battlefield and the psychology of letters to and from home. I would much rather meet face to face but these are tricky times. I realize not all of this generation is on email, but I need to start somewhere. If you can push me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Nancy Simmonds Feb 7, 2022,

  2. Nancy: It’s great hearing from you! Thanks for your support. I don’t know anyone who fought in the Korean War. Most have passed on. Maybe ask the Allen Co Public Library Genealogy Center and the FW History Center is they know of people or if they have stories from people who served then. the GC may have recorded interviews of soldiers from that time. Or they might have donated items like letters. Good luck!

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