Are You a Dreamer?


Seeing a Chicken Soup for the Soul book with one of my stories on the shelf in Barnes & Noble a few years ago made me feel like one of my dreams had come true!

I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the Allen County Public Library (downtown Fort Wayne) to middle schoolers on the subject of creating dreams. The 45-minute talk begins at 1pm.

This is a passionate subject for me – I believe every person on earth needs to dream and keep dreaming all of their lives. It is dreams that keep us charged up and ready to go for another day. It is dreams that make us believe the world can be a better place with our input. Dreams teach us that our minds are not static (stationary, dull things), but wonderfully creative elements that are limitless in scope!!!

Some people give up dreaming or never even start because they don’t know how. I’ll lead everyone in a demonstration of just how to dream to see your goals happen at this talk. Please come if you’re available!

I’ll give you a heads-up about something I’m planning to show at the talk. If you’ve never dreamed, you need to check out a music video on Youtube by Brandon Heath. It is called “Wait and See”. It shows exactly what I think people – especially kids – should do on a daily basis to create dreams. We may not all have access to gigantic telescopes (nobody that I know has one in their backyard!), but it’s the same principle if we use our minds. By using our imaginations, we can “see” what we can be.

 Go to Youtube and check out Brandon Heath’s vid, “Wait and See”. I guarantee it will inspire you. Write and tell me what you think and what your dream is. I’ll share my dream in a future post. Keep tuned!

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