Tribute to my family

My family in an impromptu photo opp

Today I’m not posting anything about writing. I want to thank my family for being the best that there is. My husband John has put up with a lot over the years—mainly a wife who would rather write than cook or clean. He’s learned to put up with my messes, due to projects (his mom told him he was a neat baby—whoever heard of that?). Now that there’s Youtube, he doesn’t mind my going off in the evenings for meetings. Our kids thankfully are much neater than I am. Where did they learn that? Oh yeah, from their dad.

They are all grown up so we don’t see them much but I love them dearly:

Mandy is far away in Indonesia and we miss her. But she is happy so that’s what’s important.

Chris is far away in Las Vegas and we miss him. But he’s happy so that’s what’s important.

We know Lindsay is not far away in college, but we choose not to bug her as our only available child to put our hands on for hugs/kisses. We miss her, but she is happy so that’s what’s important. I have a feeling someday she will be far away too.

We are together in spirit and that will sustain us. Thanks, Family, for being so sweet to this lady who loves you and can’t imagine life without all of you. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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