I wrote this devotion a few years ago. It has always been one of my favorites because I love the concept of being ‘redeemed’. We are truly worth nothing until God puts value in our lives with His love and forgiveness. Hard to understand but wonderful once it sinks in!

Side note: My church used this devotion in a cookbook. Recently a friend told me this devotion helped bring peace to a woman’s heart who had been abused. That was so humbling to hear. Thank you, God, for the privilege of writing about you!

These great photos were taken by my friend, Matt Carrigan. Check out last Sunday’s devotion for more great shots by Matt. I post a religious thought or story each Sunday. This baby is Matt’s daughter, Madelyn.


Psalm 34:15-22:  The Lord redeems the soul of his servants… (verse 22)

Picture your soul, sitting on a store shelf. No one wants to buy you because the cost is too high. You can’t see the price tag so you don’t know your worth. You begin to think that since no one wants you, you’re of little value.

One day Someone comes to the store. He sees your soul sitting on the shelf and tells the shop owner, “I want to purchase this.” He offers payment in full and suddenly you’re outside the shop, free for the first time! You look around to thank Someone, but he’s not there. Looking inside the shop window, you see the payment for your soul lying on the counter. It is His life.

No one could redeem us except Jesus. He paid the ultimate price for our salvation– His life.

Rejoice, child of God, you’ve been redeemed!

The End

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