Kiah makes an Indonesian craft from my book

Here is a photo of a student who read my book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia, and made one of the crafts. Kiah read the directions for the weaving project and made herself a brightly-colored belt for herself. It’s beautiful! You can spot it in the photo laying atop some items from Indonesia.

Kiah's woven belt was made by following instructions in my book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia

There is no cost to this project because it only requies drinking straws and yarn. Kiah made it without adult supervision. How cool is that?

Weaving is a big part of the culture in Indonesia. This is a simple project compared to many of the rugs and wall hangings the people create to sell and keep as family gifts.

Thanks, Kiah! You did a great job!

Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia

I challenge other people to look at the book and make either the crafts or recipes from it, then send me the photo of the craft. You can be in the photo with the item. Consider making the craft/recipe for another person as a gift. They’ll love it!

If you can’t find the book at your library, order it from me for $20.00 US. I use Paypal.

Have a great day!

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    1. Reinhart, I got the idea to write the book from my publisher. They have created several books like it from other countries– France, Japan, Caribbean. Did you try any of the crafts or recipes? What grade are you in now? Have a great day! I have to leave to help with my school’s spelling bee. Take care,

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