Angela Witte and her best friend

This is a story about 2 people who have a special relationship. Read it and see if you don’t feel good inside because of their love for each other.

Cathy Micklitsch and her daughter Mrs. Indiana 2010 Angela Micklitsch Witte

They call each other “besties”

This is not a referral to a pair of tweens who tweet and send numerous Facebook posts to each other.

Cathy Micklitsch of Bluffton uses the term ‘besties’ to refer to the relationship she has with her 25-year-old daughter, Fort Wayne resident and the current Mrs. Indiana Angela Micklitsch Witte.

“Angela is my only daughter and my best friend,” said Micklitsch, an eighth grade English teacher at Bluffton Harrison Middle School. “We developed a special closeness as she entered her teen years and it has continued ever since.”

“My mom has been my best friend and number one fan for several years,” said Witte. “As a high schooler, I struggled with self-esteem, due to a severe problem with acne. Mom taught me that beauty is not just on the outside but also on the inside.”

It’s hard to imagine Witte’s problem with acne when looking at her lovely, smooth skin in photos of her as Mrs. Indiana 2011. Witte has served as Mrs. Indiana since November 2010 when she was crowned during the competition that took place in Greenwood, Indiana. She is married to Zach Witte, a medical student at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne.

Since being crowned Mrs. Indiana, Witte has helped decorate Christmas cookies with residents of Lutheran Children’s Hospital in Fort Wayne and deliver Christmas presents with area Boy Scouts. Witte will serve as Mrs. Indiana until July 2011 when the next Mrs. Indiana pageant will be held and a new winner is crowned.

Micklitsch’s role as a devoted mother was not limited to her daughter’s struggle with acne. In middle school Angela was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease, which involves intense pain in the knees, due to high impact activities, such as running. “She ran track, was a cheerleader and a dancer,” said Micklitsch. “When she asked to play tennis, I told her no because it would have been too much. As a mother, it was my responsibility to help her stay healthy.”

The closeness continued as Angela entered adulthood. She even invited her mother to her Bachelorette party, held prior to her wedding in 2008. “It seemed natural after Angela had often asked me to accompany her and her friends out to dinner to attend her special party,” said Micklitsch. “That has been my policy since she has been born. If she asks me to be somewhere for her, I make an effort to do it.”

That includes all of the ballgames that Angela cheered for or played in during her school years. According to Micklitsch, one of the most special days the two spent together occurred a few years ago when she agreed to get her ear cartilage pierced, along with Angela. “I remember Ang saying, ‘Mom, I’ll never forget this day as long as I live,’” said Micklitsch. “That day meant a lot to her.”

In recent years Micklitsch’s support for her daughter centered around  the dozen or so beauty pageants Angela participated in, beginning with the Miss Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne pageant in 2007 which she won (she was a dental hygiene student at the time and today works for Dr. Blake Taylor and Dr. Molly Sigler in Bluffton).

Witte has since won a number of pageants, including Miss Wells County 2006 (first runner up), Miss Mideast 2006, Miss IPFW 2006,
Miss Fort Wayne 2007 (third runner up and Community Achievement Award), Miss Mideast 2007 (winner), Miss Indiana 2008 (voted Miss Congeniality, Jon Price Community Service Award, Miss Miracle Maker Award, Hoosier Leadership Memorial Scholarship),
Salvation Army’s Fort Wayne Queen of Charities 2010 (winner, voted Miss Congeniality), Mrs. Indiana 2010 (voted Mrs. Congeniality),
Mrs. Indiana 2011 (winner, voted Mrs. Congeniality, Physical Fitness Award).

While competing for the national title of Mrs. America in April, Witte was voted by her fellow contestants as Mrs. Congeniality.

“I don’t know what makes Ang so darned nice,” said Micklitsch who drove to the national event held in West Virginia with Zach to show support to Angela. “But being around her makes me a nicer person.”

According to Witte, the appreciation for her mother’s personality is reciprocated. “Mom has always given me the courage to be myself,” said Witte. “She taught me to get involved in my community and to want people to see the beauty in me on the inside and outside.”

Anyone who would like to contact Witte request an appearance for an event can contact her at
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