Ally likes Selena Gomez!

I love to receive notes from students who have read my books. Here is one from a girl in 4th grade about my Selena Gomez book (Robbie Reader- Grades 2-4, Mitchell Lane) and her photo holding the book:


Ally, 9, reviews my book on Selena Gomez

Hi! My name is Ally. I just got done reading about Selena Gomez in the book Selena Gomez. I think that Mrs. Reusser who wrote this book did a FANTASTIC job about Selena Gomez’s lifetime! I wonder how she got all the information about Selena Gomez? One thing I was surprised about is that Selena Gomez first appeared on TV on Barney and Friends.



Thanks, Ally! It was fun writing about Selena Gomez because I like writing about people who are doing great things. I think Selena Gomez is a good role model for kids like you. She is helping people and seems to be happy with her life.


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Thanks for your support!


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