Mandy & I Present Demonstration of the Culture of Indonesia

Last night my daughter Mandy & I presented a talk/demo about Indonesia to patrons of the Wells County Public Library. We showed Indonesian items Mandy has brought home and talked about the importance of crafts in that culture. I then showed some of the crafts middle school students made with me for my book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia.

Mandy showed a vid of her performing Balinese dancing

We also had samples of authentic Indonesian snacks like mini- mango puddings for students to try. Some of the spicy-hot peanuts were intimidating, but the packaging of the snacks was beautiful!

This student loved the thick, green avocado juice! It was like a smoothie.

The wonderful library staff helped us set up and advertise our presentation. We appreciate their support and smiling faces!

Wells Co Public Library staff made the Avocado Juice, a drink popular in Indonesia.

It was so much fun showing students how to play an angklung, and watch them try new things like the avocado juice. We ended the evening by making shadow puppets.

These sisters loved making the shadow puppet which is a part of Indonesian culture in several villages.
My friend Cathy Shouse and her daughter Katelyn and friends drove an hour to attend our presentation. I'm touched!

My good friend Cathy Shouse brought her daughter Katelyn and some of her special friends  from Fairmount. Long trip but thanks for coming!

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Mandy & I stand behind an angklung. Projects from 'Recipe & Craft Guide to Indonesia' book are to the side.

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  1. Excellent job, Kayleen and Mandy. The presentation was informative and fun for all ages! Thanks for your hardwork and preparationg.

    1. Stephanie: Thanks for your kind comments. We appreciate them. It was fun and we’ll hope to do it again sometime. Wells County Public Library is great!

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