Today is my mom’s birthday!

Mom & me in one of her favorite locales -- a clothing store!

Today I’m dedicating my blog to my sweet mother. She has been such a great mother to me and my sisters. She and Dad had a long marriage – 48 years — before he passed away.

They taught us much about sacrificing, working hard, supporting each other. Mom always took us to church, even when I’m sure she was ready to drop dead from teaching 3rd graders all week and caring for 3 noisy kids at home (I was the worst!). She always taught us to trust God with everything and to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

I would not be where I am today if it were not for my mother. And I want the whole world to know it!

Mom in her new digs last fall with Lindsay.


3 thoughts on “Today is my mom’s birthday!

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  1. I know I am a little late but happy birthday to your mom! Hope she had a good birthday! That’s true love. 48 years, that’s great! 🙂

    1. Hannah: Thanks for reading this! I love my mom so much! She is a happy lady and taught 3rd grade. She got my name from a book. I’ll bring it to show you. Take care,

  2. Mom, this was a really cute tribute to Grandma!
    (If I could have one Photoshop wish, though, it’d be to trim that bush in the photo…)
    Anyways, she looks great in all of the photos, which is more important! 🙂

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