Canterbury Book Fair reunites friends

This spring I was invited to participate in the Canterbury Book Fair in Fort Wayne. It was a joy to see many people I met last year when I was the guest speaker. Laurie Gray, author of Summer Sanctuary, and I have been friends for several years and she coordinated the visits. Thanks, Laurie!

Students, parents, teachers, and librarians from the community could peruse the large selection of books written by many local authors.

One who was present was an old friend of mine and one I was so glad to see. Linda Wade was the president of the Fort Wayne Christian Writers Club when it met during the 1970s-1990s. It was a source of encouragement and advice for me when I was learning to write. Linda conducted the meetings with grace and love. The club no longer meets but many of us stay in contact as friends.

I’m available as a speaker for your group’s meetings. Please contact me about speaking. (reverse the sides).


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