Teaching others about the joys of writing is fun!

Recently I’ve had the opportunities to speak at two special events.

ACPL 11-12 Jump R Post Edgarton Rigdon

L-R: Shirley Jump, Kayleen Reusser, Judith Post, Les Edgarton, Mary Lou Rigdon.

The first was on November 3 at the Author Fair held at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This wonderful library has a great hall that hosted dozens of local authors and their books for the afternoon, giving visitors a chance to talk with the authors and do early Christmas shopping!

The librarians also organized panels of authors who spoke on various topics, including children’s writing, Ebooks and writing in general.

It was an honor to be asked to speak on the children’s writing panel with Suzanne Rogers and Naida Kirkpatrick, both of which have published books for children.

Our format included 40 mintues of moderated discussion followed by a 20 minute Q and A period.

Immediately following, I sat in another session with multi-published authors Les Edgarton, Shirley Jump, and Judith Post on the General Writing panel. This trio has written dozens of books so I was also listening as well as offering comments!

Fellow author Mary Lou Rigdon hosted both sessions and it was fun answering questions from the audiences about our writing experiences.


NMC 11-12 (3)

On November 17, I led a workshop called ‘Writing to Praise’ at the International Conference on Missions in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I volunteered to drive the two hours to the Hoosier capital to give this workshop because I want to encourage people to develop their writing talents for God’s use. Actually my husband John drove us– my thanks and love to him for his support!

I believe everyone has at least one story inside of them that would bless other people if it was shared in the written word.

 NMC 11-12

Speaking at the International Conference on Missions 11/12 in Indianapolis

My goal in leading this workshop and co-leading a Christian writing club in my hometown of Bluffton, Indiana, is to encourage people to write their stories or maybe help them share it by writing it myself.

Writing is as important to me as breathing. When I write, I feel God’s pleasure. I hope to share that desire to please God with others in 2013.

If you need a speaker in 2013, please contact me about your event. Depending on your location and my schedule, we may be able to connect!      

I charge $75 for one hour of speaking + mileage (rates may vary).

The subject can be one of several topics including Encouragement

The basics of how to get started as a writer

Using our gifts for God.

Other subjects may be optioned.

In 2012 I spoke to more than 1,000 people!  Thanks, Toastmasters!  

Thanks to my friend and family for your support! I couldn’t do it without you and God.

Take care,

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