Loneliness has its advantages

For three days he was blind and did not eat or drink anything.

Acts 9:9 (NIV)

Photo by Dave Reusser
Photo by Dave Reusser

The first day of journalism class during my freshman year of college, I sat alone. Everyone else in the class already knew how to write for the newspaper, having taken the class in the fall. They also knew each other. I had begun mid-year and didn’t know a soul.

As conversations wafted around me, I thought about quitting. No one seemed to care I was there. But my desire to become a good writer was strong, so I stuck it out and asked God to help me be His writer.


It was a good decision. The class not only taught me how to write for the school newspaper and yearbook, but how to continue as a freelancer. Today God has blessed me with a writing career that is the desire of my heart.


Photo by Dave Reusser
Photo by Dave Reusser

When the Lord struck Saul with blindness, Saul was alone and vulnerable for perhaps the first time in his life. Yet, it became an advantage to Saul when he was forced to focus on the Lord. Forever afterward, he was a changed man.

The next time you’re lonely, ask God to turn it into an opportunity to trust Him more.

The End


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