Baffling Logic




Acts 9: 20-31  

‘Yet Saul … baffled Jews living in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Christ.’

–Acts 9:22 (NIV)


            If geometry had existed during Paul’s time, I’ll bet he would have been good at it.  Proving things is at the heart of geometry and Paul was good at this. The scripture for today says He baffled the Jews by proving Jesus was the Christ.    

            My friend Jeff grew up in church and heard countless sermons about God’s love. He continually rejected it until a personal tragedy occurred. Then church people surrounded him with loving concern so when Jeff heard the plan of salvation again, he finally understood. He accepted Jesus’ love, although it had never made sense or been important to him earlier.


            Logic isn’t always popular. The same passage says the Jews hated Paul’s logic so much they plotted to kill him.


Christianity offers a belief system that, as Paul tells Festus, is “true and reasonable.” Still, people turn away. Thankfully, our only responsibility is to love until it  makes sense.



Prayer:  God, help me to present Your plan to people logically and lovingly so they will want You in their lives.



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