Serve God with courage



Photo by Dave Reusser

The Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! … ’”  Acts 9:15 


            “Too close for comfort!”

In today’s vernacular that’s what Ananias might have said when the Lord told him

to lay hands upon Saul and restore his sight. Ananias balked out of fear. He would be putting himself in the hands of the one with authority to kill him! However, the Lord reassured Ananias that He was in control of the situation. Ananias overcame his fear and obeyed the Lord.

Did you ever think about what the world would be like if Ananias’ fear had been stronger than his willingness to obey God? The possibilities are staggering. Saul might not have been converted. The Lord’s Church might not have spread throughout the world. Parts of the Bible might not have been written. We might not know Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Pray for courage like Ananias the next time the Lord asks you to do something you’re fearful of.  Then, go! The impact of your willingness to obey could be more far-reaching than you can imagine.



Photo by Dave Reusser

Trust and obey,

for there’s no other way,

to be happy in Jesus,

but to trust and obey

The End

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