Faith Crafts an Indonesian Rain Stick from Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia


My friend Faith made a rain stick using directions from my book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia (Mitchell Lane Publishing). It is a simple craft using a paper towel roll and markers to decorate the outside with crazy happy colors and designs.


It just takes a couple of other household items to complete this fun project. Faith did a great job! Thanks, Faith, for making a project from my book!


Can you find the book Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia at your library at school or in your city? If not, ask your librarian or care giver to order it for you! It is published by Mitchell Lane.


The book is filled with full-color, educational photos of the mysterious land of Indonesia. I’ll bet you know what continent the island nation of Indonesia is situated on—but I’ll tell you anyway. Asia! Can you find it on a globe? My daughter lived there for several years and suggested we include a rain stick in this book as a token project for Indonesia’s famous rain forest.


If you’d like to make a rain stick like this one, please do so and email it to me at xxxkjreusser@adamswells.comxxx. (remove the X’s which I put there to prevent Spam). I’d love to see your rain stick projects and hear what you thought while reading the book about Indonesia.


Spoiler alert!: There is a scary project to make in the book too. You might want to look it up for Halloween!  

Happy crafting!

Take care,


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