What Baked Goodie Will Mrs. Reusser Serve for Fabulous Friday?

It’s Fabulous Friday!

My daughter Lindsay gave me this cupcake plate for Christmas! Love it!
My daughter Lindsay gave me this cupcake plate for Christmas! Love it!

That’s what I’ve named the day of the week when I take in a homemade baked item for the students of my middle school. I work in the library and have bribed several students to visit me during their lunch time or homeroom period with a baked good. It might be a brownie, cookie, or cupcake. The kids never know what I’ll bring in—mainly because I don’t know many times until the morning of what I’m making!

I prefer making something from scratch such as Texas Sheet Cake or Mississippi Mud. When I tell the names of these goodies, many kids have not heard of them. That seems sad to me and is partly why I make items with no premade mix. I’ve found some students never have had the opportunity to taste something with few if any preservatives.

And I want to treat them to something special because they are special to me.

Today, however, I am making yellow cake from a mix because I had a late appointment last night and was knackered, as the Brits say, when I got home late. I may take some leftover chocolate sprinkles and plate them on top to add some color. The sprinkles are from Halloween treats and the cupcake liners are from Christmas. Wonder if the kids will care that I’m combining treats? Nah!

The students have to eat their baked goods over my desk so our school custodian doesn’t find ants all over. Another rule is the students have to talk to me as they’re eating. I try to take plenty for everyone (maybe 2 dozen or so) because the word has spread so kids will bring their friends into the library for a snack on Fridays. Some students are ‘Friday Friends’—meaning they only greet me on Fridays when they come for their snack. That’s OK.

Other students come in regularly to see me at lunch. With most students playing on their school-issued Ipad in the cafeteria when finished eating, the library is a quieter environment. We may chat about life in general or what they might do for the weekend or anything they want.

Of course, I always encourage students to check out books, but I don’t pressure them to do so. Hopefully, some of them will have good memories of a library. Libraries can be fun, interesting, helpful and maybe even delicious!

What are you doing to encourage students to read and visit libraries?

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