Happy New Year’s Eve!

HFNEI May 16 (18)

I know Christmas is over, but I hope you will take 3 minutes to enjoy this gift of video of veterans featured in my books who wish you Christmas greetings. I completed it days before Christmas and sent it in my free email newsletter. Let me know if you’d like to receive it. My friend, Bill Sawyer (above) who served as a medic in the Aleutian Islands in WWII and Gene Dettmer who helped storm Utah Beach in D-Day Invasion (pictured in Army uniform), are featured among others.


It’s raining outside at temps slightly above freezing.

While I’d prefer dry weather, the rain is still preferable over snow. I’ll walk at the gym, then clean my office to prepare to work on more WWII writing projects for 2019.

A couple of definites are on the table with others to be worked in if time allows (details are under wraps for now).

FW History Cntr (3)

The year will also include more speaking gigs as several are already booked. In 2018 I spoke to approximately 900 people about my World War II vets. Often one person who hears my talk recommends me to another locale. Use the Contact page at this site for more information about bookings.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on this mission to interview World War II veterans. It’s been such a pleasure and privilege to preserve our country’s military heritage. I would find it difficult to continue without your kind comments/ suggestions about my books, presentations.

On behalf of the 250 World War II veterans who have shared their stories with me over the past several years, we wish you a great New Year in 2019!

While enjoying this video, remember to pray for our current military and veterans who gave and are giving so much for our country and its freedoms.


My books can be purchased on Amazon.

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