It’s ‘Help An Author’ Month!

It’s a new year–2019! How many times have you caught yourself writing ‘2018’? I admit, it’s happened to me a few times.

To get through this cold (yes dreary) time, I’m creating a theme for January – Help An Author Month!

Friends often ask how they can help me promote my books. They believe in the value of capturing the stories from our nation’s veterans for future generations. I suggest a couple of ideas.

If you’ve read one of my books and liked it, you could post a review on Amazon. Here is the link. Reviews help people decide about purchases.

Second, recommend my books to others, either as purchases online or at your library. Share info on social media. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram regularly and would be glad to hear from you there.

In 2019 I’m showing the same support for friends who are authors. It means a lot to have a team of people supporting our efforts.  My friend Beth Steury has written books about the importance of sexual abstinence among teens. Check out her blog at

Jessica is a very talented writer who has several published credits to her name and is working on novels. I’m proud of both of them.

Keep in mind you don’t have to stop after a month. Keep up the support all year!

Third, even though snowfall has limited my ability to get out and about for a few days, I’m using my time wisely (I think) by putting together a draft of my next book. The subject will stay quiet, although here’s a hint — it has to do with World War II. No surprise, right?


As happens with authors, I have ideas for other books in mind as well, some of which will hopefully come together in 2019!

Now my question for you, reader — What topics about World War II would you be interested in reading? Keep in mind I don’t have a military background and tend to write books for the general public to understand the war. So don’t expect technical language or subjects.

Is there a particular person from the war you’ve always wanted to know more about? A battlefield? Other?

I’m open to ideas. Just know they may not be put together in 2019 but at a later date. Still, it can’t hurt to be gathering information and letting it ruminate in my mind.

If you want to suggest other ways to show your support for my interviews and writings of the American military, please let me know through the Contact page.

Thanks to all of the veterans reading this for your service to our country. We appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “It’s ‘Help An Author’ Month!

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  1. Hello, Kayleen! I appreciate reading your posts.

    I met you at the Howard Co. Historical Society a couple of years ago when your friend Dave Broman brought you to town to speak.

    Having come from the tradition of the historic peace churches – Society of Friends (Quakers), Mennonites, and Church of the Brethren, I had a fleeting idea as I was reading through your most recent post.

    Those who chose to serve their country through alternative service assignments in the WWII era and beyond are fast declining in their presence among us. There were many who did community service, building parks, etc., doing health experiments, etc. My own father entered the US Army when drafted when I was a few weeks old (Dec. 1944). He was a non-combatant later assigned to the occupation forces in Korea, doing health work. I know that this type of service was often ridiculed and even decried (with damage to property of such families, including my own) but is a part of the total story of the war effort. Those persons who were in CPS (Civilian Public Service) had a strong bond of friendship that continued among them until the eventual demise of the group and their spouses through death. Many of those folks were inspiring to me in years past. Their stand against war, on religious grounds, resulted in significant contributions to mankind in many other ways that continued long into the future.

    Thanks for listening!!

    Peggy Hollingsworth Box 275 Russiaville, IN 46979


    1. Peggy:
      Thanks for your comment. A friend has done much research on the work of people who chose to serve as a non-combatant so I’m aware of their service. In my town there was a camp at the Ouabache State Park based through the Bethel College denomination. My friend found much information about it and wrote about it for our newspaper. It was quite interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

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