WWII Veteran Moment: Calvin Schultz, Army, Buchenwald Liberator

To provide role models of brave Americans each week I will introduce a World War II Veteran from my books who served this country. The book where his/her story is profiled will be listed.

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27, 2021) —a global day of commemoration to honor victims of the Holocaust— I am featuring a veteran who helped to liberate the camp at Buchenwald, Germany.

Name: Calvin Schultz

Born: Fort Wayne Indiana, 1920

Branch: United States Army

Theater of Operation: Europe  

Rank: Corporal

Unusual occurrence: Liberator of Buchenwald, a German concentration camp in 1945. “It was an extremely sad experience,” he said, upon reflecting on scenes he witnessed at the killing center. “I never knew people (the prisoners) could live like that.”

This photo (above) was taken by Schultz at Buchenwald. It is a stark reminder of the gruesome sites our young soldiers witnessed all across Europe. I encourage you to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum for more information about this tragic period in world history.

Note: Cal became a special friend who allowed me to accompany him on Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana in 2017.

He passed away in 2018. He served his country well.

Excerpted from They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans

They Did It for Honor: ISBN: 9781543048490

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