Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia

Craft and Recipe Guide to Indonesia (Mitchell Lane)

The school where I work has been keeping me busy in the library. Tons of Newbery award winning books are being checked out and read. That’s great! Those are some of the best books available to kids. But when you don’t need to read a book for school, maybe you’ll want to check out one of my books. I’ll feature each of them separately since they are so different.

Today’s book is about Indonesia.

It’s called Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia (Mitchell Lane Publishing)

ISBN: 978-1-58415-934-6

If you don’t know where that country is, find a globe or map and look it up.

Hint: It’s in Asia. Ha! Asia is a big continent so it still might take a while to locate it.

You can learn how to make this shadow puppet from Indonesia in the children's book, Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia (Mitchell Lane Pub)

Indonesia is the country where my grown-up daughter lives.  Mandy teaches high school and middle school English and drama in a Christian school. She is happy there and is in her third year of teaching. Her enthusiasm about the country inspired me to write about it.

The editor asked for photos of kids making the projects. This was fun to do with great kids. We made 20 projects. Some of the projects pictured in the book include a Komodo dragon out of Sculpey clay, a coffee filter flower to replicate the world’s largest flower found only in Indonesia; Gado gado (this is a food), and an Ogoh-Ogoh mask.

Jacob & I made a colorful pepper salad. Yum!

If these sound like interesting projects, go to your library and find this book. Better yet, ask for it for Christmas and have your own copy!

Here’s a photo of my friend Courtney making the a yarn weaving. She did a great job! Thanks, Courtney!

A weaving illustrated with directions in Craft and Recipe Guide to Indonesia (Mitchell Lane)

If you make any of the projects from Craft and Recipe Guide to Indonesia, please leave a comment and/or send me a photo of you with your project. I’d love to see it and hear your thoughts on making the project.

Time to do some writing. Keep reading!

2 thoughts on “Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia

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  1. Kay,
    I love it that you have written a book about Indonesia since Mandy is there! Have you been there? A couple from church worked there for many years and loved it there.
    Anyway this looks very interesting-I hope your students find Indonesia on the map! haha

    1. Pam: Thanks for your comments! Mandy is due home for Chrms w/in a few hrs! We’ve not been there — can’t afford it! She really loves it. Hope you can listen in tomorrow.

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