A Recent Meeting with My Mentor

Children's Author Michelle Medlock Adams and me

A Chance to Meet My Mentor!

People often ask me how I got started writing children’s books.

Michelle Medlock Adams is one of the best Christian children’s book writers you’ll find. She taught a class a few years ago at Taylor University-Ft Wayne on children’s writing. She suggested to the class that if they had never written a children’s book, they should give a publisher named Mitchell Lane a try. I attended and listened to everything she said. Soon, I sent them a letter and resume. They responded, asking for a sample of my work. Though I had written nothing for children, I sent them a newspaper article I had written about a child. Close enough? Guess so.

The editor assigned me a Blue Banner biography on a little-known, but seemingly rising teenage singing star. Her name was Taylor Swift. Little could we have known how far that star would rise! It has been a privilege to write about someone who is so poised and weathered some professional and personal storms so well. I love her songs and am amazed at her song-writing talent. I also appreciate her modesty in dress and appearance.

After writing a Blue Banner biography on Taylor Swift, I’ve gone on to write eight more books for the same publisher. You can read about them at various places on this site.

A couple of weeks ago, it was an honor to meet up with Michelle at the Indianapolis Christian Writing Conference. She was again teaching a class. She was kind enough to point out my books to the other attendees. Thanks, Michelle, for pointing me in the right direction in becoming an author. I recommend Michelle as an excellent instructor for writing children’s materials.

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