Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia–Sophie

Yesterday we talked about Hades, one of my Greek gods books. A friend of mine, Brady, is a great student and has enjoyed reading all three of the Greek gods books at school. Today I wanted to introduce you to Sophie. She helped me with the Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia book (Mitchell Lane 2010). In fact, Sophie is one of 15 students photographed for the book. The book contains 10 recipes and 10 crafts reflective of the country of Indonesia. Weaving is a popular craft of Indonesia so Sophie and I worked on a fun project that anyone can make with construction and a pair of scissors. This turned into a pretty placemat after we covered it with clear plastic. You could also laminate it. For an extra-special look try cutting a highly-decorated magazine photo into strips and weaving them into another piece of paper. That would create an interesting effect!


Sophie was cooperative and helpful during the photography session. As with all of the students who came to my home and sat in my kitchen, I shot several poses, moving around the kitchen table for various angles. There were approximately 25 photos total. You’ll have to see a copy of the book to see Sophie’s photo, as well as the other students.

Thanks, Sophie! You look great!

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