Serving God with Young Spirits

I wrote this devotion a few years ago. Since then, my dad and the other people I mention have passed away. I miss them all.

But they left a legacy. Their Christian faiths and positive attitudes remained strong throughout their lives.. Can you reflect that kind of personality every day? I pray God will be with me in every situation so I can do this. 

 ImageThese beautiful flowers remind me of the spirits of people that are fresh and attractive. Photo taken by Dave Reusser.



‘And at that very moment she (Anna) came up and began giving thanks to God and continued to speak of Him (Jesus) to all those who were looking for redemption of Jerusalem. (Luke 2:38, New American Standard Bible)


I marvel at the gracious attitudes and countenances of elderly people who suffer with health problems. Lou, age 78, is a widower who faces pancreatic cancer. Yet he attends church with a smile on his face. Loren, 80, has a hand that refuses to straighten. Yet he prepares and serves communion. My parents face a multitude of health problems and yet they thank God for each day of life.


The prophetess Anna served her Lord at the temple for many years. She was a widow and had no children. She could have been bitter and spent her days cursing God. Instead, she helped care for the temple. For her devotion, she was the first one in Judea to proclaim the Christ. After she had seen Baby Jesus, Anna turned to bystanders and declared that this was the promised Messiah, the hope of Israel, the redeemer of the world.


Why was this gentle, elderly woman the first one to make this announcement? Though she was an old woman, Anna was young in hope. She, like my elderly friends, never ceased to believe in the great wonders of God.


Father God, thank you for these wonderful examples of loyal servants to You. Please make me young in hope, no matter what age I am, so that I may be a blessing to you and others. Amen.










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