Final Tribute: WWII Vets / 2015

I subscribe to an interesting blog called Pacific Paratrooper .

It is put together by a military lover called GP Cox. He has taught me many things about our military that served in the Pacific during various eras. I recommend signing up for it.

At the end of his posts Mr. Cox lists vets who have passed away since the last post. His are often from the US and other countries.

I decided to list the World War II vets that I’ve interviewed who passed away in 2015 with their photos in uniform if they are available. This is my way of honoring them and the effort they made early in their lives to serve our country.


WWII front bk cover
World War II: Legacies of Northeast Indiana Veterans

Looking back at this list makes me sad because I became attached to several—John Wearly lived in my mother’s retirement community and I’d see him on nearly every visit.

Still, the number of World War II vets from my list who remain is great which means lots of opportunities to visit with them and send birthday/Christmas cards. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue adding to the interviews and preserve more of our nation’s heritage. The number of interviews numbers at 115 at this point. Woo hoo!

Please find an American veteran today and tell him/her thank you!

If you’d like to learn more about what our veterans experienced in WWII, you’ll want to read my book, WWII Legacies: Stories of Northeast IN Veterans. Signed copies can be purchased for $20+$4.95 on this site’s main page.

This book would be a terrific gift for a veteran or history lover.

John Wearly and Max Shambaugh who are among the list below are two of the 28 veterans featured in my book.


Block, Richard — Aurora, Indiana – Navy – 9/19/15


Block uni
Seaman Richard Block served at Okinawa.

Brickley, Robert – Craigville, Indiana – Army – 8/7/15

Brickley Robert (3)

Clarke, Beresford – Evansville, Indiana — Army – 10/23/15

Clarke Beresford (3)

Gates, Emery ‘Bud’– Presto, PA – Army—5/11/15


Bud Gates-- uni
Bud Gates– uni

George, Kermit — Hoytville OH – Army – 7/6/15

George Kermit head uni

Lipscomb, Mary ‘Polly’ Adelaide Woodhull — Ann Arbor, MI – Army nurse – 6/4/15

fLipscomb uni head

Lohmuller, Dr. Herbert W. – Philadelphia, PA – Army physician – 5/27/15

Lohmuller (1)

Ringger, Sylvan — Adams Co – Army – 4/10/15

Sylvan E & Violet Ringger uni

Shambaugh, Max – Fort Wayne – Army Air Corps – 8/2/15

Shambaugh old

Wearly, John – Fort Wayne – Army – 6/8/15

Wearly John (1).JPG

Zurcher, Paul – Adams Co — Army – 5/7/15


Zurcher uni Purp Heart
Paul Zurcher was awarded Purple Heart after being wounded in WWII.

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  1. Thank you very for mentioning my site and for honoring those that served for our freedoms. It is both sad and rewarding to research the actions of these men, each one individuals in their own right working as a team to accomplish one goal. This post is an outstanding tribute.

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