Attend a WWII Book Launch — make that ‘Party’!



My book, We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories, released a few weeks ago. I’m in the midst of planning a huge book launch – make that party! You and your friends will want to join us!


As with the first two books in the WWII Legacies series – We Fought to Win: American World War II Veterans Share Their Stories and They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans – the veterans from each book are invited to attend as guests of honor.


They are seated around the room and the public is invited to come and thank them for their service. Copies of the books are available and those who purchase can present the books to the veterans who will sign them on their individual pages.

These photos of 2017 book launch at Allen County Public Library downtown Fort Wayne IN show some of the vets and excitement of those who attended, including TV and other news media.

With 34 stories in We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories and half of them within an hour’s drive of Fort Wayne we have a potential of 10-12 of our nation’s oldest veterans able to be there!


IMG_1630Copies of my other World War II books will be available as well. Each book sells for $20—a set of all 3 will be available at the discounted price of $50—a savings of $10.00.


Cash and credit cards are accepted.

TIP: Purchase your copies of We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories ahead of time at Amazon and avoid the lines.

Do yourself a favor and plan to attend this historic event! Bring the kids as this is a character-building experience they’ll never forget.


Where: Allen County Public Library, 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne In.

When: Saturday, November 3, 2018, 1-3pm ET. Conference rooms.

Free street parking.

Watch my Facebook page for more information.

Thank a veteran for his/her service!

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