What to Expect at a Book Launch

You’ve seen notice about my book launch event to be held for We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories. It’s sure to be an exciting day!

Bk Launch 2014 (6)

Vets featured in my book We Fought to Win: American WWII Veterans Share Their Stories  gather for group shot at 2014 launch. Some people are family representing vets who were deceased.


Maybe you don’t know what a book launch event is or what to expect. Here is a page of FAQs (Frequently asked questions) to help.

  1. When is the book launch for We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories?

The date is Saturday, November 3, 2018.

Time: Doors open 1-3pm ET.

Location: Allen County Public Library, 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go here for more information about the library’s location.

The event is held on the main level in Rooms B & C. Signs in the library will direct you to the right place. The Allen County Public Library is generously sponsoring the event.  Go to this ACPL FB event page for more info.

Here are photos from the previous 2 book launches to show the fun.


Cal Schultz at 2017 launch for They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans. He fought in Army in Europe.

  1. What will happen at your book launch?

A book launch event can take different forms. It can be a reading of the author from the book. It can be a lecture.

In my case it is a party! I’ve designed all 3 of my World War II book launches so veterans from the books are invited as guests of honor. They are seated around the room and the public is invited to attend and thank them for their service. The veterans will sign copies of the books, creating valuable heirlooms. It is a unique opportunity for the public to meet some of our nation’s oldest veterans and thank them for their service.


Bk 1 launch Millard

Millard Schwartz who fought in the Army in Europe is greeted by Ed Schwartz, the son of another Army vet and publisher of first edition of my first book (2014)


  1. How many veterans from your new book plan to attend on November 3?

Approximately 9 veterans plan to attend. A few other veterans who are deceased or live far away will be represented by family members.


  1. Will books be available for purchase?

Copies of all 3 of my books in the World War II Legacies series will be available for purchase: We Fought to Win: American World War II Veterans Share Their Stories  (Book 1); They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans (Book 2); new book We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories (Book 3). The veterans who attend this launch are featured in Book 3.


  1. Will I be able to talk to the veterans about their military service?

Due to the number of people expected to attend, it will not be possible to spend a great length of time with each veteran. Plan to tell each veteran thanks for his/her service, ask them to sign your book and then move on to the next veteran. You will learn much from reading the book and posts at this website.


  1. What types of payment will be accepted for purchase of the books?

Cash and credit cards.


  1. What other products will be available for purchase?

We will not have other items for sale. However, people will have the opportunity to listen to a portion of an audio version of We Fought to Win: American World War II Veterans Share Their Stories. This audio book is in production and we’ll take contact information for those who will want more information about this item when it is ready to be released.


  1. What tip can you offer to make the experience at the book launch go smoothly?

Purchase your book(s) ahead of time!

We will be running 2 lines for payment (cash & credit), but we encourage you to purchase your copy and thus avoid having to stand in line. That will give you more time to visit with the veterans.

Here is the Amazon link to my Amazon Books page. There is still time to receive your copy!


  1. What about parking?

The library has a parking garage and an outside lot. Street parking is free on weekends.


  1. Will snacks be available?

No snacks will be available but a Dunkin Donuts is located next door.


If you have other questions about the book launch for We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories on Saturday, November 3, 2018, please contact me through this website.

I appreciate your support and hope to see you, your family & friends on November 3!






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