Build Character & Patriotism with WWII Veterans

One aspect of my book launch with World War II veterans is how it can build character and patriotism, especially in students. I never would have thought patriotism — love for one’s country and those who defend it — would have come under attack as it has in recent years.

These two little guys attended with families on behalf of their great-grandfather, Frank ‘Sparky’ Garrison, pictured here. They can now read about his service in the Pacific during WWII working with mules as part of the MARS task force in Burma.


How many people reading this know any World War II veterans – people who served in one of the mightiest military conflicts the world has ever known?

The opportunity to meet a dozen or so of these people who served 70+ years ago in D-Day, the Pacific, Iceland and other locations without the aid of Facetime or email to keep communication with home in often freezing weather or malarial conditions is invaluable

The Allen County Public Library is not only helping to host my book launch but the children’s department is planning activities that relate to World War II. Then at 2:30, during the book launch, they are walking from the children’s department to the rooms where the launch is being held. The children will be able to meet the veterans and thank them for their service.

I applaud the children’s librarians for coordinating their efforts with this historic event.

I can’t wait to see the kids and the veterans’ faces light up when they meet! I know these two vets will be thrilled!

Clarke Lucille-FW-Navy - Copy

Wuttke new

Fort Wayne Community Schools thinks so much of the value of my three books that they are purchasing copies of each to place in their middle/ high School libraries. My husband John & I are standing below with Kevin Roe, supervisor of Media Processing for FWCS. I encourage other school systems to do the same. Contact me via this website for bulk orders deals.

ACPL 2018-02-15

TIP: Purchase your book ahead of time here.

I hope everyone reading this will consider attending the book launch and bringing a young friend or two. Scouting, school and church groups would find it a time to enhance values like patriotism, respect for our elders, and interacting with people different from us (in age).

What character-building events do you attend for yourself or others? I’ll hope to see you on Sat, Nov 3, 2018, at 1-3pm at Allen County Public Library in Ft Wayne Ind. Copies of my books will be available for vets to sign.

Thank a veteran today for his/her service!



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