Ways to Thank American Veterans for Their Service

On this special Veteran’s Day, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI on November 11, 1918, we have the opportunity to show thanks to those who have served our country in the military.

HFNEI May 16 (16)

While a verbal affirmation is always appreciated by the veterans, I encourage you to take it one step further than the traditional ‘thank you’. This vet wearing a red shirt is a 92-year-old Army medic who served in the Aleutians being thanked during the Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana that my husband accompanied him on.

The young lady greeting the older one is my daughter Lindsay talking with 98-year-old Naval vet Lucille Clarke whom I accompanied on Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana.

Here are a few ideas for supporting veterans:

Purchase their meal at a restaurant.

Visit them at home or wherever they live. For an extra emphasis take a child with you to visit a veteran. Not only will the child learn about the value of honoring our military, the veteran will be thrilled.

Garrison grsons

Send cards at birthdays, Christmas. This is one of my fave projects throughout the year and esp. at Christmas, as this can be a lonely time for older people.

Attend ceremonies where veterans are honored. This includes Honor Flights which take vets to Washington DC to see military memorials, free of charge. Here is a photo of the 96-year-old Army vet I accompanied as a guardian being thanked by members of the public as he returned after a long, but rewarding, day.

Schultz Cal HF DC airpt 2016

Read stories about the service of those who have served to get a better idea of what they have experienced. This includes not only my 3 books about WWII vets, but others like Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation.

Pray for veterans and those currently serving.

As the wife/mother of Air Force airmen, I appreciate other people who honor our military. My primary way of honoring vets is to interview them about their service, then write their stories for others to read.

We can all do something to honor our military, not just at Veteran’s Day but every day of the year. Thanks to all of our veterans for serving our country!

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