Happy Birthday to the Air Force!

September 18 was the Air Force’s 75th birthday.

It was officially formed in 1947, two years after WWII ended.

During World War II, the aviation branch of the military was an arm of the Army. It was called at different times the Army Air Corps and Army Air Force.

As a proud supporter of our military, I offer this post as a tribute to some of those veterans I’ve interviewed who served in those branches during World War II.

My books in which their stories are printed and their Amazon links are included.

Thanks to every veteran for your service. We appreciate it!

Ed Goetz

Ed Goetz — B-29 flight engineer / Pacific

We Fought to Win: American WWII Veterans Share Their Stories


Clairus Dew

Clairus Dew – C-46 crew member / Pacific

They Did It for Honor: Stories of American WWII Veterans


Hamilton Hunter

Hamilton Hunter — B-29 gunner / Pacific

We Gave Our Best: American WWII Veterans Tell Their Stories


Robert Kreider

Robert Kreider – C-47 pilot / Pacific

We Defended Freedom: Adventures of World War II Veterans


Jim Fall

Jim Fall – P-47 pilot / Europe

D-Day: Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Tell about Normandy


Don Shady

Don Shady – C-47 pilot / Europe

Battle of the Bulge: Stories From Those Who Fought and Survived  


Jerry Wolf

Jerry Wolf – B-17 gunner / Europe

Captured! Stories of American WWII Prisoners of War 

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