Sixth graders love to read!

I love it when students check out my books at the school library where I work and I ask them, “Did you know I wrote this book?” I try to tell most of the kids but sometimes the new class coming in doesn’t know me well.


They shake their heads, disbelieving my statement about writing the book. I point to my name on the nameplate on my desk and then to my name on the front cover of the book. It could be the Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez biography or one of the Greek gods books or Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia or Celebrities Giving Back.

When the student sees the same name printed on each, his or her eyes widen. I add that I’ve written nine children’s books and am working on another. They look impressed!


These friends have read my books and wanted to be counted among those who have done so with photos pasted here. They are great readers and visit the school library often.


Encourage your child to visit his/her school library. They might find unexpected treasures—in fact, I know they will!


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