She’s a Grand Old Flag


flag poem (3)
Poem written by Wilbur Nesbit in 1926.

As part of my effort to recognize Flag Day in the USA, I’m posting photos I’ve taken or which veterans/ friends  have provided me of the American flag.

I hope these will cause you to post a flag around where you live and if you are an American, that you will feel proud to live under its ideals!

Your Flag and My Flag

Your flag and my flag!

And how it flies to-day

In your land and my land

And half a world away!

Rose-red and blood-red

The stripes forever gleam;

Snow-white and soul-white –

The good forefathers’ dream;

Sky-blue and true-blue, with stars to gleam aright

The glorious guide of the day; a shelter through the night.

 Your flag and my flag!

And oh, how much it holds –

Your land and my land –

Secure within its folds!

Your heart and my heart

Beat quicker at the sight;

Sun-kissed and wind-tossed,

Red and blue and white,

The one flag – the great flag – the flag for me and you –

Glorified all else beside –

the red and white and blue.


Blue stars Indy mil museum
Display at the Indiana World War Memorial in Indianapolis


aBrown Evelyn-CG swear in
On February 28, 1945 – Evelyn Beckman’s 20th birthday — she was sworn in as a SPAR (contraction of the Coast Guard motto, “Semper Paratus – Always Ready” representing the Women’s Reserves). A photo of Beckman being sworn in appeared in a Chicago newspaper.


flag quilts (2)
This beautiful flag quilt was spotted at a local fair.


Bandelier Bible

During World War II, each military person was issued a New Testament with a picture of the American flag printed inside next to a message from then President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Cogan Gene old (10)

Flags are often placed in front of graves of American servicemen.


2 flags in girls hair

A young girl showed her patriotism with flags in her hair while waiting to honor vets from an Honor Flight.


Whatever way you choose to honor the American flag this year, do it proudly, knowing thousands of people were willing to give their lives for what it stands for – freedom. Thank a veteran for his/her service.

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