Ministering to Others

Jesus gives us beauty in Nature to enjoy
Jesus gives us beauty in Nature to enjoy.              Photo by Kayleen Reusser


‘Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.’ (Philippians 2:4, New American Standard Bible)

Paul gripped the jail cell’s window bars and looked outside despairingly. He hadn’t meant to get caught selling cocaine. Now he was in prison for who knows how long.  He had been studying to be a medium and figured he’d use the time in jail to learn more about psychic phenomena. The next time his mom called he’d ask her to bring his psychic materials.

Paul looked up and saw two inmates looking at him. One held out his hand. “We wanted to introduce ourselves,” he said. The men began talking to Paul. When they found out his interest in psychic matters, one said he’d once been interested in the same thing. “Then I met Jesus Christ,” he said. He told Paul about accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. Paul listened. He began meeting with the men at a Bible study led by a jail volunteer. While in jail, Paul became a Christian. After his release, Paul married, became a business owner, and a deacon at his church.


Paul’s friends went out of their way to befriend him and lead him to Christ. They could have spent their time reading a Bible or praying. Instead, they put their own needs aside to help someone else.



Prayer:  Lord, I don’t know who or what you want me to minister to today, but I’m sure you will give me an opportunity to do so. Please help me to put aside my own plans and do and say exactly what You want. Amen







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